Test of Auditory and Visual Skills (TVAS)


The Test of Auditory and Visual Skills (TAVS) is a versatile diagnostic screening tool developed to assess a range of fundamental auditory and visual skills. These basic skills are well understood to be vital for the higher level development of phonological awareness, speech, reading, memory and attention.


TAVS assess the underpinning sensory skills necessary to learn to read, speak, listen and concentrate.Many children who struggle academically are offered catch up phonics, literacy and numeracy programmes without considering that the delays in learning may be more fundamental in nature than a simple lack of experience and practise. Underpinning the ability to read, listen, concentrate and communicate is the ability to take in and process auditory and visual information.


The testing of areas such as temporal processing, pitch perception, gap detection and others are vital to understanding at what level a child is delayed. This information can guide a teacher or therapist to know exactly what level of intervention or remediation is needed to ensure the quickest progress for the child.


TAVS offers a powerful way to assess many areas of low level visual and auditory processing to know whether sensory processing is impaired and if it is suitable to solely focus an intervention upon more cognitive levels of function.

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