Literacy Program

The solution for different learning styles

This Program Offers...


  • Clear and concise instructions, easy to use with the guide book included

  • A pack that gives you everything you need to get started on a program

  • Step by step workbooks and support resources

  • An explicit, cumulative, multi sensory program, suitable for all learners 7+ years

The detailed and effective program has been designed by Leslie Keast-Patch, a specialist in dyslexia and literacy.  The program has been tried and tested over the years and provides incredible results for our dyslexic learners. 

After 10 weeks on  the program, when followed as instructed, you will see your learner's confidence grow and watch  them enjoy success as they develop their literacy skills. 

Jen is licensed to provide the program as a trained coach, available to support you and your child with the program.  

As an accredited Learnersaurus coach we can provide a Direct, Intensive, Systematic and Cumulative program to assist with literacy. 

Helping learning difficulties and dyslexic learners achieve successful learning outcomes.

All enquiries contact Hurley House

07 4671 1037

More information about Learnersaurus www.learnersaurus.com

Informaton about Dyslexia www.dyslexiaassociation.org.au

EDUCATIONAL Assessments:

If you are seeking an educational assessments done by a psychologist visit www.childhoodpsychology.com.au